BTBA Sanction no. 34/0087


Elliot Crosby is the 2013 London International Champ

Written by Andy James. Posted in News

In the first match of the stepladder, two locals went up against each other. Richard Teece gave all he had but the left-handed 3 time stepladder finalist and 2005 winner Damian Gray edged out the match to win 488-459.

Gray then went on to face Stuart 'Beef Cake' Williams, the PBA title holder from the north. The first match saw the pins falling for Damian 'White Socks Wizard' Gray, with the luck seeming to be on his side, but this was not to deter Williams who felled the lefty over the two games 395 to 346.

 Junior international Elliot Crosby entered the final undefeated on Sunday by beating Williams in the winners section final and then went on to defeat Williams again in the stepladder final over two games. The young star was behind after the first game as Williams started with 209 to Crosby's 196 but improved in the second game as Williams struggled to string the strikes, whilst Crosby found a path to the pocket. Crosby went on to claim the title with a 230 to Williams' 193.




First Prize


Entry Fee

Reduced re-entry rates,


5 pin bonus for ladies, juniors (under 18) and seniors 50 and over.


Qualifying: 1/2/5/6/7/8 June
Finals: Sunday 9th June