BTBA Sanction no. 34/0087


2013's First 300

Written by Andy James. Posted in News

The first 300 of the 2013 London International did not take too long to materialise, as Mark Bloor put himself in the LI 300 club in game three. The 2013 of the long running London International is using the Kegel Beaten Path lane pattern, and the scores are showing it to be a bit of cruise on the open water, with local Pro Shop operator Matt Miller throwing games of 268, 275 and 258 for an 801 series in his first three games. Hold on to your hats folks, this year could be a bit of a scorefest!

First Prize


Entry Fee

Reduced re-entry rates,


5 pin bonus for ladies, juniors (under 18) and seniors 50 and over.


Qualifying: 1/2/5/6/7/8 June
Finals: Sunday 9th June