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Practical Auditing

10 weeks
All levels
0 lessons
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This course aims to give students an introduction to auditing and help them to understand the need and importance of auditing, the planning of auditing and the auditing procedures for particular components of Financial Statements.


This course is an introductory course to auditing. The primary goal of the Auditing course is to help students understand and apply the basics of auditing processes, planning, and execution. This course develops an understanding and appreciation of the philosophy of the auditing process and provides students with the skills necessary for effective decision making in regard to auditing, financial reporting, and ethics. Topics include the fundamentals of auditing, planning and risk assessment, professional and corporate ethics, internal control and financial reporting, substantive procedures, and audit reporting.



Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Auditing
  • Understand the Audit Process and Audit Materiality
  • Understand Audit Evidence
  • Understand and Apply Audit assertions
  • Develop an awareness of Fraud
  • Apply auditing procedures Financial Statements – Cash, Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, Property, Plant and Equipment.
  • Understand Professional and Corporate ethics as it relates to auditors and accountants.
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