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Sales & Marketing

10 weeks
All levels
0 lessons
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This Sales & Marketing course will provide students with effective selling and marketing skills with the intent to
differentiate the ‘average’ salesperson from one who can ‘rise above’ the competition. In this course, the
facilitator will walk through the marketing process leading up to the sales skills to gain confidence and
professionalism for increasing sales productivity and performance. This dynamic course treats with the
concepts, principles, approaches and practices of marketing and the fundamentals to sales. The overall focus is
on boosting sales as well as recognizing the practicability of marketing in the today’s world.
Aims of the course
The purpose of this course is to allow students to understand the essence of Sales & Marketing fundamentals;
a much-needed aspect in a world where competitive rivalry is high within the industry.
The aims are:
To focus on relationship building to help create trust between a buyer and seller
To develop a key understanding of the needs of the buyer
To deliver a persuasive message to help differentiate the company’s product from that of competitors
To increase client retention through a variety of marketing tools and strategies