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Course Overview

The course is a comprehensive practical accounting training program designed to build the bridge between knowledge and practical aspects of accounting. It will provide a foundational understanding of Accounting and its importance within an organization and introduce participants to basic accounting skills which are applicable in a working accounting environment.


  • Enable learners to understand the purpose of accounting, the associated processes, and its role in the managing of a business.
  • Help learners to develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand financial information.
  • Introduce techniques of assessment and analysis of financial information of a business for decision making.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the basic aspects and principles related to accounting.
  • Record Business Transactions.
  • Understand and calculate end of year adjustments.
  • Understand Test and control systems.
  • Prepare and analyze simple financial statements.
  • Understand Local Taxation


● Differentiate between accounting and bookkeeping
● Users of financial information
● International accounting terminology
● The accounting cycle
● The accounting equation
● The double entry system and its components
● Ledgers and application of double entry rules
● Books of Prime entry
● Balancing off ledger accounts
● Preparing a Trial Balance
Accounting treatment for:
● Depreciation
● Provision for doubtful debts
● Accruals and Prepayments
● Prepare financial statements and other key accounting reports such as control accounts and bank reconciliations
● The Sales Ledger Control Account
● The Purchases Ledger Control Account
● Bank Reconciliation
● Performance evaluation using ratio analysis (calculations and
● Interpret financial statements and perform analytical commentary on the financial results.
● Introduction to the Payroll system
● Statutory deductions (NIS, PAYE and HS)

● Taxation
● Income, corporation tax computations

● Review of Course

Duration 12 Weeks
Level Intermediate
Price £285.00

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