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Administrative Medical Assistant

Course Overview

Administrative medical assistants are responsible for managing the front desk operations of a hospital, physician’s office, or other medical facility so that doctors and other medical staff are free to provide the highest level of care to patients. In large facilities, administrative medical assistants work as part of a team, and are often responsible for managing multiple tasks in a high-pace work environment.

Administrative medical assistants are responsible for a multitude of tasks that include communicating with patients, scheduling appointments, electronic medical coding, filing insurance claims, maintaining records, as well as accounting and billing. Administrative medical assistants are key players in providing healthcare facility support services. They are responsible for everything from making sure medical records are accurate to ensuring that medical facilities run smoothly.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Develop the skills necessary to communicate with persons within and outside the clinical workplace and to understand the importance of communication
  • Apply the knowledge gained to the work environment
  • Understand and apply the skills required for an Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Function efficiently in a medical environment
  • Learn how to perform simple POCT


Duration 8 Weeks
Level Intermediate
Price £375.00

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