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Business Writing Skills

Course Overview

This course is designed for individuals who recognize that their writing skills could be further enhanced, so that they may perform with greater confidence in the workplace. Students will benefit by improving and perfecting grammar, and writing skills, thereby enhancing the quality of one’s performance, which could lead to promotion in the workplace.

Key Areas Covered

  • Know the structure of agendas, email messages, business letters, business
  • Correct use of punctuation, prepositions, pronoun, adverbs & tenses
  • Subject and object of sentences
  • Review concepts in sentence and paragraph construction
  • Selecting the most appropriate format to use for agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals, and business reports
  • Gain knowledge of techniques used in improving proofreading skills


Session Topics
•    Understanding Business

Communication – processes and principles

•    The Writing Process

•    Types of business letters and their purposes

•    structure of a formal business letter

•    apply various spelling rules when writing

•    apply various grammar rules when writing

•    relevant tools and resources to assist with spelling and grammar

•    Specific language matters

•    Words and Phrases to avoid and to be used

•     the uses and purpose of a memo

•     accepted structure to write a memo.

•     Email etiquette

Duration 6 Weeks
Level Intermediate
Price £355.00

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